DHII Academy is the vision of highly qualified and professional Mothers. Who felt that there was a huge GAP/LAG in the education being offered to their children and the demands of global education and competencies. Their pursuit to close the GAP or fulfill the LAG, led them to model a teaching system which was based on wholesome values of comprehensive teaching.DHII Academy is committed to make the learning process more intuitive. Enquiry based learning methodologies bring the element of inquisitiveness. The critical element of learning or teaching is to effectively ENGAGE, INTERACT, ADAPT to the student. We focus on kindling their interest and help them build it into a flame.

Our Academy is the brain child of Mothers. Mothers who are IITians, Gold medalists and achievers in Science and Maths.



Emotional Transformation of the Student is Extremely crucial to their social reflections. At DHII, apart from syllabus we instill personal traits, build their Self-Confidence and help them overcome all obstacles in the learning process; Theoretical application to real life situations and imbed global pedagogy to the Indian curriculum.
1. Motivation - Inspiration, Drive and Interest
2. Lack of Previous Knowledge - Re-iterate the Base knowledge to build a strong foundation.
3. Learning Challenges - Customised teaching tools and Methodology.
4. Learning Environment - Eliminate Distractions, create conducive environment to concentrate on learning.
5. Emotional Factors - Eliminate Fear of Failure, Fear of Change, Past insecurities and replace them with Hope of Success, Rewards, Recognition and Appreciation.
6. Learning Styles - Identify and customise the right learning management to access the dynamic capabilities of the student.
7. Learning Experience - Experience out-weighs the Content. Listening to an instructor with limited interaction will not be the right experience for hands-on Learners.

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Meet our Teachers

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Shubha Praveen

Student Co-ordinator

Latha S Annamalai

Head - Curriculum & Strategic Initiatives

Savitha Bhat

Head of Department - Science

Sujana Vamsi

Head of Department - Mathematics


Senior Faculty

Mona Sutrave

Business Strategy & Marketing

Our Students Review

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The days spent in DHII is an unforgettable experience. I will always owe the teachers who put their full potential in shaping our lives so that we can become something really big one day... Thanks to all the teachers who never mind how many ever times we asked the same question, they still would always have that smile on their face and taught us the concept until we were confident enough in that......I really was surprised to see my marks come up and it was all their support which made me achieve that and I will give my full strength to achieve even more......DHII had made remarkable inscriptions on me that I would always carry and remember.

It has been really wonderful learning concepts from you all in an interesting and fun filled way at DHII Academy!! You have given me a great insight to look at the world around me from a different perspective. Your ways of helping me ask questions and find answers has imbibed in me a sense of inquisitiveness. the whole process has brought in a great deal of confidence with which i approach my studies and challenges in life. I am thankful and grateful to be a part of this team.

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